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TwoEXtend Incorporated (“TwoEXtend”) provides Extended Service Contracts (“ESC”) and Product Replacement Plans, Warranty Solutions as well as Refurbishment and Sales of Products to Secondary Channels.

Our ESC Products are:

SafeGuard (SG)   SafeGuard Plus (SG +) SafeGuard Renew (SG R)

We provide a total turnkey solution to clients in their desire to offer their customers product protection plans that are designed to drive customer satisfaction while achieving our clients' greater profitability.

We partner with clients either as the administrator (program manager) or as consultants to implement a complete program based on maximizing profitability through six key components (Effective Marketing, Training, Communications, Goals, Performance/Accountability, Compensation and Sales Incentives, Non-Financial Rewards). 

We offer a comprehensive suite of services geared towards the implementation and on-going management of Extended Service and Replacement contracts.  Our clients include retailers, associations and small companies that wish to provide their customers with added value protection for the products they sell. We develop programs that are tailored to each client that facilitate our management of the risk our clients would otherwise carry to offer ESC's to their customers.

SafeGuard (SG) is a product warranty plan that is offered to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) for administration of their product warranty as provided to their customers.  SafeGuard eliminates the overhead and resources needed to build this capability in house allowing the manufacturer to focus on their core business.  The SafeGuard program puts the administration expertise of TwoExtend into place and leverages our system and management team in working with your engineers and team to analyze the types of returns you are seeing and the costs associated with repairs. We deal with your distributors, customers in managing the channel returns.  By implementing SafeGuard your costs associated with Warranties are reduced by efficiencies and lowering of overheads, leaving your staff to focus on managing those areas (such as product engineering) associated with returns.  TwoEXtend manages the administrative aspects of channel returns and costs.


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Safeguard Protection Plan Plus is a customizable offering to Dealers for protection of New consumer products (computers, entertainment systems, cameras, etc.) and office equipment (copiers, scanners, computers, copiers, etc.).

 Dealers utilize a quick and easy web browser application to sell and register service contracts to  their customers.   The plan leverages TwoEXtend’s  extensive knowledge of product reliability, claims management,  as well as our expedited repair capabilities through either the Dealer’s own shop or our own  80,000 square foot state of the art facility in Vaughan.



Computer and Office Equipment

Consumer Electronics

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SafeGuard Renew (SG R) is an Extended Warranty Plan  for Refurbished consumer products offered through independent retailers and liquidators.  The Renew program runs in concert with TwoEXtend’s SafeGuard Protection Plan Plus.  Both must exist and be sold by the dealer in order for the Renew program to be viable.  Dealers utilize the same quick and easy web browser application as SafeGuard Protection Plan Plus to sell and register service contracts for their customers.  

SafeGuard Renew coverage begins immediately after the dealers (vendors) 90 day warranty and runs for one year in total.

SafeGuard Renew is available for Laptop Computers (Off Lease) and for Refurbished Flat Panel Televisions.  Other product categories are considered by TwoEXtend on a case by case basis.

The plan leverages TwoEXtend’s extensive knowledge of product reliability, claims management,  as well as our expedited repair capabilities through either the Dealer’s own shop or our own  80,000 square foot state of the art facility in Vaughan.


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TwoEXtend  works with you to provide a defined strategy, that encompasses the right people, processes and technology needed to grow your Extended Services Contract program.  Your business will gain improved results through a partnership with TwoEXtend.  In a fast paced and changing business world, choosing a partner for your warranty program is more than finding a product and service solution it is about finding a reliable partner that delivers integrated solutions in program design, management and execution.  We create value across each of our service and capabilities disciplines in a value chain which includes marketing management, new product development, claims management, customer service, customer retention strategies and actuarial analysis.

TwoEXtend provides an array of  services that are inherent in their programs or that can be acquired on a contract basis for existing programs. These include:

• Marketing Services
• Claims Adjudication
• Reverse Logistics
• RMA and Repair Capabilities
• Service Network Management
• Training and Education
• Program Management
• Administration
• Asset Recovery
• Electronics Recycling
• Actuarial Analysis
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TwoEXtend Incorporated and Courtland Express work together to find alternate channels for consumer electronic goods that they have acquired through the management of their clients' programs or acquired through other vendors. Our objective is to create additional revenue streams for our clients while delivering high quality second life products to consumers. Courtland Express is the asset management arm of TwoEXtend Incorporated. Products acquired under TwoEXtend's and Courtland Express' Quick Asset program are brought to manufacturers specifications through the efforts of Bigtech Limited (

TwoEXtend and Courtland Express have the following product offerings now available:

• Televisions - April 2010
• Computer Parts - April 2010


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